Pumping Gas

Departure Time: 7:17
Arrival Time: 8:05
Weather as I call it: Cloudy but hot...the elderly should take note.
Paper Guy: MIA! Maybe he's hiding from the heat.
Shady Gas Price: Rising like the temperature: $2.99
Yelled at other drivers: No
Feared for my life: No


I had to get gas this morning...I was no longer running on fumes, but the car's memories of said fumes. I am still pretty proud that I have kept my fuel intake to 2 fill-ups a month. Probably not a good thing for my car..but better for my wallet. So, my commute's duration was padded by 5 minutes at least.

After I filled up my car, I noticed I left my gas tank 'door' was still open...so I had to pull over and close it.

I thought it was an omen of bad things to come, but outside of a few tailgaters...everything was fine.

Pumping Gas

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