I'm Ready For My Close Up

Departure Time: 7:10
Arrival Time: 7:54
Weather as I call it: A little bit overcast
Paper Guy: Green polo shirt, shades, and a smile
Shady Gas Price: $2.95
Yelled at other drivers: Not at a driver
Feared for my life: No


1. Last night was the company's annual booze crooze...so if you're a co-worker and you're having a hard time reading this post...close your browser, get another cup of coffee, and come back when you are feeling better.

2. To the pedestrian in the orange shirt talking trash on your celly at 7:20 in the morning...wait until the light's red before you start crossing the street. (I apologize for yelling at you. It took me a moment to realize who you were---the most important person in the world---I should have kept my mouth shut)

3. There was an old guy videotaping the traffic at Wellington Circle. It was one of those VHS-sized cameras...very weird...I didn't know if I should wave or pretend as if I didn't see him. I should have asked him what my motivation was for the scene.

Lame week for the blog...please forgive me. I will try to make it a better week next week.

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