A Familiar Face

Departure Time: 7:28
Arrival Time: 8:08
Weather as I call it: Sunny with some thin wispy clouds in the air.
Paper Guy: Blue shirt and shades
Shady Gas Price: $2.91
Yelled at other drivers: No
Feared for my life: No


Still reeling about the Sox losing 5 in a row at home against the dreaded Yankees. You can feel the deflation/melancholy all over the city. Hey, wha' happened?

Saw a guy on a bike poised to cross Storrow drive this morning. Not sure he was ever going to give it a go...unless there was a huge break in traffic...which wouldn't occur until after 10 AM. Upon further inspection, I recognized this guy. He was a homeless guy that I used to see all the time circa 1993 hanging around the intersection of Mass. Ave and Marlborough Street. (I think Marlboro Market is still there...not sure why they left the 'gh' off their name...maybe to save money on the sign)

He wore, and seeing him again today confirmed that he still wears, a green camouflage jacket and hat. He would talk in some hushed mumbles and point violently to the sky and to the ground. Some of my college cohorts tried conversing with him, offering him some food... All at once he stopped his mumbles and his finger pointing and clearly and softly said, "No thank you." He would disappear for weeks and we would think that he was gone forever, but then when you weren't expecting him...there he was.

Looks like 13 years later he is still kickin' it in the Back Bay. God Bless ya. Now go use one of those footbridges before you get killed.

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