I Hear It's Supposed To Be 300 Degrees Today

Departure Time: 7:15
Arrival Time: 7:55
Weather as I call it: Dude, it's hot.
Paper Guy: Blue polo shirt..and curiously he was not wearing shades.
Shady Gas Price: $2.99
Yelled at other drivers: No
Feared for my life: No


I am not sure why there was a huge back-up on the Central Square exit on Storrow, so I went to SmarTraveler Boston and saw this message:

Vehicles slowing to look at accident from Weston Toll Plaza to Star Market Overpass. Allow extra time.


Accident on the right shoulder at Star Market Overpass. Traffic is backed up to the New Balance Building. Stay left.

AW, DOOD...a Gahkablahka.

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