Don't Make Eye Contact

Departure Time: 7:12
Arrival Time: 8:03
Weather as I call it: Better...skies were lighter
Paper Guy: MIA
Shady Gas Price: $2.79
Yelled at other drivers: No...but I had to beep
Feared for my life: No


I had to fill up the old tank this morning...I was trying to stretch it out to the beginning of September...but I couldn't risk it. Thankfully, the station I went to was selling 'regulah' for $2.57 (and 9 tenths of a cent)....so a little relief...only cost $37.

Some dude in a pick-up truck was trying to change lanes on the ol' Monsignor O'Brien HWY...and I was in his blind spot. I made sure he knew I was there. I didn't make any eye contact as I passed him by so I wonder if he was mad or if he was sorry.

I guess we will never know.

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