Getting Through It

Bus Departure Time: 7:08
Bus Arrival Time: 7:22
T Departure Time: 7:24
T Arrival Time: 7:45
Weather as I call it: Sunny and 60s
Level of commute annoyance (scale of 1 to 10): 4
Feared for my life: No


The bus was a little less stressful than yesterday. Oh yeah, it was insanely full of people but because I knew what I was in for this morning, it didn't stress me out as much. I counted down the stops until we got to the high school and all the kids got off. Once that happened, it was smooth sailing.

Just as a side note, I did see a bus that claimed it was "out of service" but was picking up people along the route on Salem St. Did the MBTA hear my plea from yesterday?

On the Orange Line, I sat at the end of the car and was smashed up against the faux wood wall because some guy needed a lot of space. There was a guy who was rapping along to his music aloud. I had to stop myself from looking up every time he broke the silence with some lyric.

I had two dollars burning in my pocket so I got a coffee at the Dunk near my work. There was a woman who greeted me right before walked in and she asked if she could have some change on the way out. After I got my medium with skim milk, no sugar, I handed her my $0.17 as I slid through the double doors. I'm not sure why I did that.

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Fornya said...

I love how you resisted the temptation to look up when the rappin' stopped. And dropping $0.17 in someone's cup outside the DD is no reason to question yourself, but why don't go for cream and shoog in your DD coffee certainly is.

BTW: I've subscribed to your RSS feed because it is so worth it. Thanks!