Snack Attack

Bus Departure Time: 7:02
Bus Arrival Time: 7:16
T Departure Time: 7:19
T Arrival Time: 7:40
Weather as I call it: Cloudy and cool 60s
Level of commute annoyance (scale of 1 to 10): 2
Feared for my life: Nah


So, the bus wasn't that crowded today. Here's my theory: Since there are other buses that travel down the same street as the one I take every day, people have made the switch and are choosing to get picked up by those other buses. I stand by this theory because I see people who I recognize standing at other stops or who continue to stay put when my bus rolls up to their stop.

Good for them. More space for me.

I saw a kid who I think might be attending summer school, since he gets off the bus in front of the school. (I'm clever) He had two snack size bags of Funyuns with him. I wonder if that was going to be his lunch.

Funyuns (which I guess is the correct way to spell the name of this snack - I thought it was Funions) are one step above Andy Capp Fries in the world of wacky snacks....but one step below Bugles.

Wow, I have resorted to sharing how I rate certain snacks...you know it was a quiet day on the T when this happens.

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