MBTA Rules That Can Be Broken

Bus Departure Time: 7:04
Bus Arrival Time: 7:19
T Departure Time: 7:19
T Arrival Time: 7:40
Weather as I call it: Mostly cloudy and a little less humid than yesterday.
Level of commute annoyance (scale of 1 to 10): 3
Feared for my life: No


Only 3 people asked me, "Is it hot enough for ya?" yesterday. What a disappointment.
Heat waves should be measured in this fashion. It isn't a heat wave until 5 people ask you said question. None of this "three days in a row of 90+ degree temps" business.

The bus was packed. It got so bad the driver was letting people on through the rear door.

At Malden station, some guy ticked off one of the conductors by standing in the doorway. The guy was stopping the doors from closing by using his body; leaning against one side of the doorway.

The conductor yelled at him over the intercom, "Will you stop holding the doors open!?!" The guy walked away from the door and sat smugly across from me.

I am not sure how I feel about what he did. On one side, he was holding the door open for people who were running for the train. On the other side, he was holding me and the rest of the train up from proceeding down the line.

Overall, passengers are not supposed to hold the doors open...

I don't know. How do you feel?


The Missus said...

Depends... If I know the person, or it is a little old lady trying to catch the train, I will TOTALLY hold it open. But when other people do it, I'm not a fan.

Anonymous said...

don't you ever tire of bitching about the T?

EnuhCorK said...

I don't think I am bitching. I think I am reporting what happened on my morning commute.

P.S. I love your poetry, Mr. Anonymous.

Brian said...

It depends, but not on much. In general, you should never hold the door open for people you know or even people with mobility issues slowing them down. There may not be a train "right behind you" but there will be another train unless its past midnight.

However, there are some stops where the conductors aren't allowing people to normally board the train. Downtown Crossing springs quickly to mind. They usually start to close doors before people have finished exiting and are yelling at people who did what they were supposed to and waited patiently for people to exit before boarding. In those cases, screw the conductor. They're wrong, end of story.