Effectiveness of T Billboards

Bus Departure Time: 6:58
Bus Arrival Time: 7:12
T Departure Time: 7:12
T Arrival Time: 7:33
Weather as I call it: Mostly cloudy and high 60s
Level of commute annoyance (scale of 1 to 10): 2
Feared for my life: Nope


It looks like the kids are out of school and it reflects in the bus ride.
No kids = Easy ride.

We did have a new driver today. She likes taking big swings into the stops (and I mean turning the bus with a big swinging motion - not with a baseball bat).

It kinda made me a little car sick after the 15th swing.

My getting to the Malden station platform was perfectly timed with the arrival of the train. Unfortunately, all the seats were taken when I got on so I had to stand. While standing, I noticed there were billboards for the same website all along the banner row on my side of the car (probably on the other side too).

After reading all their quirky slogans, I was hooked. I had to check the site out, even though I would probably regret it later.

So, do yourself a favor and don't check out Windorphins.com.

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