Let Me Off First

Bus Departure Time: 7:02
Bus Arrival Time: 7:14
T Departure Time: 7:16
T Arrival Time: 7:37
Weather as I call it: Cloudy but thankfully not raining
Level of commute annoyance (scale of 1 to 10): 2
Feared for my life: Not today


I love it when the first bus, which is scheduled to come to my stop at 6:57 comes later than the second bus (which is scheduled to come to my stop at 7:05, I think?)

It's all messed up.

We only realize this situation when we are sitting on the second bus and the first bus passes us at the next stop.

Meh, the kids are out of school so the rides are fine.

Hey, can we let people off the trains before boarding? At Sullivan Square, I heard a woman yell "Let me off first!!!" She meant business.

I didn't see her but might have been the woman who stiff armed some guy a week ago.

Maybe this woman got stuck on the train once because she couldn't exit the train in time and she never wants to have that happen again.

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