Bus Driver Seeking Redemption

Bus Departure Time: 6:57
Bus Arrival Time: 7:10
T Departure Time: 7:15
T Arrival Time: 7:37
Weather as I call it: Glorious sun and warm. I didn't wear a jacket.
Level of commute annoyance (scale of 1 to 10): 1
Feared for my life: No


I stepped onto the bus this morning and was greeted by the driver with a query:
"Where's our Superman today?"

The "Superman" she was referring to was our friend, Gym Bag Guy.

The driver and "Guy" like to rib each other and it stems from the choosing of buses in the morning. Guy is always trying to figure out which bus is the better one to take. Which one will be less crowded and/or which one will get him to his place of work quicker (most days these two aspects can be attributed to the same bus, sometimes not).

He often chooses the second bus. He will stand defiantly at the stop and tell the driver he's waiting for the next one, which signals the closing of the door.

I have since learned that he has seen her in the Dunkin' Donuts (not sure which one since there are about 19 in the center of town) during the middle of the day and they have discussed the topic of his choosing the later bus in further detail. Guy has called it 'giving her a hard time'.

Since she has been on time the past two days, Guy has not been at the bus stop when she arrived. He must be conditioned to the later time.

I think she gets a little hurt when Guy doesn't choo choo choose her bus.

So, here she was, on time, and he wasn't there to deem her bus the better bus, prompting her to ask me where he was.

My answer to her question was to gesture towards the figure strolling across the field on the opposite side of the street.

She responded, "Eh, I guess he doesn't run."

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