Wednesday March 15, 2006

Departure Time: N/A
Arrival Time: N/A
Weather as I call it: Sunny but cold and windy
Paper Guy: N/A
Shady Gas Price: N/A
Yelled at other drivers: Nah
Feared for my life: Nope


Beware the Ides of March! BEWARE!

Anyway, I went to a presentation about the Web 2.0...you know...like the "Internet 2" kinda stuff...

Talking 'bout when the 'net first came into prominence, information was categorized and developed in a taxonomy (think the Yahoo! directory)...Now information is developed and categorized in a 'folksonomy'...(think Wikipedia)

Here's a rundown of other Web 2.0 stuff:

Web 1.0 --> Web 2.0
DoubleClick --> Google AdSense
Ofoto --> Flickr
Akamai --> BitTorrent
mp3.com --> Napster
Britannica Online --> Wikipedia
personal websites --> blogging
evite --> upcoming.org and EVDB
domain name speculation --> search engine optimization
page views --> cost per click
screen scraping --> web services
publishing --> participation
content management systems --> wikis
stickiness --> syndication

Love it...even though there is some stuff on the list that I haven't heard of yet. Everyone wants to generate media...including some dude who blogs about his drive to work each business day. Back to the regular ride tomorrow.

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