Friday March 3, 2006

Departure Time: 7:20
Arrival Time: 7:57
Weather as I call it: Looking a lot like yesterday, but windy.
Paper Guy: Same green hat...jeans...goatee
Shady Gas Price: $2.13
Yelled at other drivers: No, but I did yell.
Feared for my life: No


1. It's the ugly season in Boston...windy days in late winter where the snow has melted to reveal all the sand and trash that collected on the ground during colder days. I saw lots of soda cans and paper wrappers blowing around on the roadways today. Street sweeping starts up soon though.

2. Some school bus stopped in front me and put on its blinking lights. All the kids piled in and the bus started to roll on...suddenly some twerp comes jogging across the street, so the whole process starts up again. I yelled out, "C'mon kid!".

3. If you haven't checked out "The IS Lists", do so today. There is a link on the right nav. Here is my attempt at one:

Old Paper GuyNew Paper Guy
Maybe working a new cornahHis demeanor could be warmah
Told the Globe to "Go To Hell"Always working the hard sell
Probably won the lotteryThe embodiment of "Woe is Me"
Taking in the Jamaican breezePaper pushing in deep freeze
Stinkin' richHerald's bitch

If you would like to add to the list, please leave a comment.

1 comment:

JB said...

Soaking up the rays / Workaholic haze

Maybe in state-cop school / Traffic-island gools

On sabbatical / Union Square's radical

Liftin' weights / Liftin' crates