Making My Point With A Horn Blast

Departure Time: 7:12
Arrival Time: 7:56
Weather as I call it: It's sunny, it's warmer...what does Paper Guy think?
Paper Guy: Still winter for the Paper Guy...black hat and coat.
Shady Gas Price: $2.39
Yelled at other drivers: No
Feared for my life: No


I didn't yell at anybody today...but there was a woman who pulled a California stop at a red light. Yes, turning right on red was allowed at that intersection...but only after coming to a complete stop...

So, to make sure she understood that she made a mistake, I laid on my horn as I drove under my green light for a good 5 seconds...

And yes, she was driving a mini van.............

Ah poop, I forgot to pick up my dry cleaning today.


JB said...

I gave a little bit of the ole Boston love last Friday... there was a truck driver holding up a whole line of cars at a stoplight trying to make a left from a straight-forward lane. (And a professional driver to boot! Doesn't this guy have any professional pride?) So I gave him a few love-taps on the horn before I realized what was going on, and then as I was going around him, I gave him the full penalty-blast. 5 or 10 seconds of solid horn. "Beeeeeeeeep!" This kind of behavior is not normal here, but it felt great, and I am sure every other driver behind me loved it, too.

EnuhCorK said...

Spectacular!! Spread the love!