Another Boston driving rule

Departure Time: 7:12
Arrival Time: 7:54
Weather as I call it: Overcast skies and still not spring
Paper Guy: Black winter hat...black parka
Shady Gas Price: $2.39
Yelled at other drivers: No...but I could have
Feared for my life: No


Tailgating is the worst. Here's another rule: Don't tailgate. So, I am driving...minding my own business...I look behind me...there's maroon Infiniti guy eating my bumper. Not sure what his rush is, but I also see that while we are waiting at the red light, he is shaving with an electric razor. On top of that, he buys a paper from Paper Guy.

Once we start moving, he passes me on the right...which gets him that much faster to the next red light.

Guy, where are you going?

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