"They" being Major League Baseball

Arrival Time: 7:57
Weather as I call it: Light Rain
Paper Guy: He had his hat on..and his shades were back
Shady Gas Price: $2.87
Yelled at other drivers: Yeah...
Feared for my life: No


They, you know..."they"...have the long rubber tubes out to count cars.

You have seen them...they are black, about a half inch wide, laid across the roadway, and are attached to some mechanical box...When you drive over them, there is a noticable bump in the road.

These tubes are all over Storrow Drive and Solidier's Field Road. Hopefully with the data they are collecting with the tubes along with the survey I filled out a few weeks ago, "they" will make good decisions when they start working on the tunnel.

I had to beep at a guy in a green minivan who wasn't paying attention at the light. Although his back window was tinted, I could see that we was in the midst of a long stretch when the light turned green. I yelled something in the vein of, "Wake up, Sweetheart and let's get moving..." and he did.

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