Chipper Announcer

Bus Departure Time: 6:58
Bus Arrival Time: 7:15
T Departure Time: 7:17
T Arrival Time: 7: 42
Weather as I call it: Sunny and a little foggy
Level of passenger rudeness(1-10): 1
Feared for my life: No


The gentleman who was announcing the stations on the Orange Line this morning was really enthusiastic. For example: he was fired up to explain to the riders that Sullivan Square would be the next stop.

He did make a mistake and said you could make a connection to the Green Line at New England Medical Center...but corrected himself quickly with a laugh...

"I meant Silver Line..."



Cruising With The Masters

Bus Departure Time: 6:57
Bus Arrival Time: 7:13
T Departure Time: 7:15
T Arrival Time: 7:40
Weather as I call it: Cloudy, no wind so it felt much warmer...
Level of passenger rudeness(1-10): 1 Things were quiet today
Feared for my life: No


This is the way it should be everyday...at least in the promptness of all transports.

There was no medical emergency or other assorted craziness...unless you count the old guy who stared at me for two stops.

I was happy to run off the train once I got to Back Bay station.


Orange Line Medical Emergency

Bus Departure Time: 6:57
Bus Arrival Time: 7:20
T Departure Time: 7:20
T Arrival Time: 7:48
Weather as I call it: Light snow
Level of passenger rudeness(1-10): 1
Feared for my life: I felt queasy


Light snow hits Boston! Time for an exciting commute!

My bus arrived on time so I didn't have to stand in the snow all that long. I was the only person at my stop, which is not normal. I guess too many people stay up for the Oscars last night.

The bus ride was a little slow, but that was to be expected. When I got to the T station, the train was pulling in. I ran up the stairs and boarded. I was unable to get a seat, but no matter. I stood for the duration and I was able to peep out the window to see all the rusting scrap metal underneath the lower deck of 93.

When we got to Downtown Crossing, we paused for a longer than usual time. You could sense something was wrong. As I looked towards the middle of the car, I could see a crowd forming a circle around someone or something on the train's floor. The intercom started to squawk: "Yes, we have that. Someone is on the way." I decided to move forward to see what was happening.

From what I could tell, a woman fainted. She was lying on her back and her feet were raised...she had them resting on the seats across from her. MBTA personel came running...over one of their radios, I heard someone saying something about telling the passengers to use the Green Line because we would be not moving anytime soon.

I felt bad for the woman, but I didn't stick around to see what the outcome would be. I looked down the tracks and I could see that the next Orange Line train was stopped at State.

I walked down the underground passageway to Park St. and picked out an outbound trolley to Copley. It's been a while since I have used the Green Line...just as quirky as always. I was able to see the old Arlington mosiac sign as we passed through it's namesake station. This is what it looks like:

Old Arlington T sign

Read more about the sign.

Tomorrow can't be as fun as today.


February Boston Snow

Bus Departure Time: N/A
Bus Arrival Time: N/A
T Departure Time: 7:22
T Arrival Time: 7:43
Weather as I call it: Light snow tapering off
Level of passenger rudeness(1-10): 2
Feared for my life: No


I took my car and drove to on of the parking garages near the T stop. We have a babysitter tonight and we are going out with friends. Maybe see a movie? WOW! Ah, the joys of parenthood. I wanted to have the freedom to be able to jump off the T and then drive to the meeting place without depending on the bus to be on time. Hopefully, the T will cooperate.

This morning, I had to scrape the snow off my car, which wasn't too bad...but I am out of practice.

The T was a little busy for a Friday. At Downtown Crossing, there was some pushing and shoving to get on the train before the doors closed.

It did not lead to fisticuffs, so the day was given a low rudeness score.


Way Too Early

Bus Departure Time: 6:56
Bus Arrival Time: 7:07
T Departure Time: 7:07
T Arrival Time: 7:27
Weather as I call it: Overcast with thin clouds
Level of passenger rudeness(1-10): 1
Feared for my life: No


So, that was quick. I got in early today mostly because there were no delays. People who recognized each other on the T said "Hello" to each other. There were smiles exchanged and a farewell comment of "Have a good day!"

What's going on? Where am I?


Back On Track

Bus Departure Time: 6:57
Bus Arrival Time: 7:08
T Departure Time: 7:10
T Arrival Time: 7:32
Weather as I call it: Sunny and warm...30s
Level of passenger rudeness(1-10): 1
Feared for my life: No


No complaints today. Everything was clicking and I felt like I got my money's worth.

Can't believe tomorrow is Thursday. You gotta love short weeks.


Shuttle Bus

Bus Departure Time: 6:57
Bus Arrival Time: 7:08
T Departure Time: Ha ha! 7:30 from Wellington
T Arrival Time: 7:52
Weather as I call it: Cloudy...but warmer, Thank goodness...
Level of passenger rudeness(1-10): 3
Feared for my life: No


Let me sum it up:

The bus was right on time. Heck, I almost missed it...it was so on time. This week is going to be great for riding the bus since school kids have the week off for February vacation. Many kids do ride the MBTA bus to school...and since they are on vacation..the bus will be pretty empty.

When I got to the T station, there was a big mass of people. I heard over the intercom that there were delays. Then I heard there was a shuttle bus service to Wellington. So, I got on the shuttle bus...but not before people were shouting question to the T official trying to coordinate riders onto the shuttle bus.

When I got to Wellington, I paid for the T again. I should get refunded, right?

Meh. The T ride was fine....so that worked out for me. Tomorrow should be a better day...maybe I just jinxed myself.


Heading Update

Bus Departure Time: 7:07
Bus Arrival Time: 7:25
T Departure Time: 7:25
T Arrival Time: 7:45
Weather as I call it: Freaking cold but sunny...
Level of passenger rudeness(1-10): 1
Feared for my life: No


So, I finally figured out a few things to keep track of. Check it out. I am particularly tickled that the "Feared for my life" line item made it over to this new phase of the blog.

I missed my regular bus today. It came on time, surprise surprise. I heard it as I was walking out of my house. With my driveway still pretty icy, I decided not to run for it and that standing out in the cold was safer than slipping and breaking my skull.

I was pleasantly surprised surprised to see the 7:12 bus coming 'round the bend 5 minutes early. Sweeeeeeeeet A.

Once I got on the bus, everything was smooth. I think many people took today off to extend the 3 day weekend...for those of us who are lucky to have a 3 day weekend.

I saw a guy on the T eating a turkey sandwich on old school Wonder Bread with lots of mayo. He was chomping away at it for most of the trip...definitely a 30 chew before swallowing kind of person. I could see his jaw moving in the corner of my eye. It was quite remarkable.

Level of rudeness was low today, due to light crowds. I actually saw someone offer their seat to an older woman. She declined though...but that act of kindness lowered the score.

Let's celebrate the Presidents this weekend. Type to you Tuesday.


I Take It Back

I had to wait for the bus for 20 minutes.

It was cold.

It was windy.

It was iced over.

Other than that, it was fine!


You'd Think It Never Snowed Here

My title is based on my experience yesterday with everyone from the media to the everyday person on the street talking about the snow as if it was going to change everything. Yes,this winter it really hasn't snowed...but come on...this kinda stuff happens here.

If that's one thing about public transportation, it is dependable through the harshest of weather. Sure, we had some minor delays...but nothing out of the ordinary. I remember taking the commuter rail to work through the ol' blizzard of '78. (yeah, I made that up)

Sidebar: I am picking my car up from the auto body shop. Finally, the remnants of the accident are gone.


Honeymoon is Over

I think the T gave me one good week. My first week back on the T, everything was on time and the people I rode along with were pleasant. Well, last week is over. Now it gets real.

Was it the coldest day of the year today or what? I think I noticed it more today because I had to wait for both the bus and subway for longer than normal. The wind was constant too...which didn't help much. My ears are getting their sensitivity back.

I think I may be on to something. I could time the duration of both the bus and T trips...and report them here.

Nobody was rude on the way into work today...but I met a woman yesterday who wasn't so friendly towards me on the way home...but I can't discuss it here due to contractual obligations.


Slight Delay

Ok, so I guess I have been lucky...and I guess I have become jaded...but today was the first time the T was a little late, which made for a crowded ride.

Ya I know...big deal. This happens everyday. Just not to me...Wah.

Anyway, the tight quarters made for friendly chats between stops. Some older woman got pushed aside when some dude was trying to get off the train. She commented to me, "I guess that guy was in a hurry." I smiled. A woman next to her spoke of experiences she has had in the past with rude passengers 'throwing elbows' to get a seat.

Both of the ladies were gone by the next stop. These types of moments don't happen in the isolation of a car when driving to work.


First Week Done

So, I finished a week of 'commuting to work' (I leave the driving to the MBTA). I still don't have any regular landmarks or items to keep track of yet. It'll take time.

Some thoughts:

There is a 7-11 that the bus passed and it has a big sign advertising a new Energy Coffee. Does anyone need more of a pick-me-up from their coffee?

Since I am on the subject of coffee, I wanted to mention I have been drinking a lot of it this week. With it, I have had some coffee-driven ideas:

If word of mouth marketing is the most effective kind of marketing, then why doesn't traditional marketing incorporate a word of mouth feel?

The slogan I would use for my product would be: "We Think It's Pretty Good." or maybe "Dude, this is so great. You have to try it."

I should cut down on the coffee.


Auto Body Work

I am finally getting the dents that my car sustained in October fixed up. My insurance company gave me a check a long time ago, but the holidays, a job transition, and my fear about not having a car at all times delayed my action.

I was able to drive it to the auto body shop and since it was so close to the T station, I just walked over and hopped on the train that was pulling in as I stepped onto the platform.

I got in a little later than usual, but with no issues.

Man, is it going to get warmer (you know, like above freezing) soon or what?


Wash Your Hands

One thing that I have to keep reminding myself is to wash my hands after riding the T. I'm not a germ-a-phobe, but when I worked downtown back in the day ('01-'02) and took buses and Ts...I got sick during the winter three times.

3 awful times.

As long as remember to wash my hands when I get into the building, I will be fine.

I sat on the Orange line and faced east today. It's not as interesting as looking west, but I did see parts of the Hood Plant I have never seen before...plus the Scraffts building stood tall on the horizon.


The Efficiency of the German Train System

Day two and my experience with the T has been favorable. My bus has been on time both days, although a little more crowded than yesterday. (I am thinking Super Bowl Sunday had something to do with the lack of peeps on the 7 o'clock bus...drinking and eating a lot at night tends to limit the number of early risers...we shall see next week...it may just be a Monday thing.)

Since there were more people on the bus, my trip took a little longer...which meant my arrival at the subway stop was a little later... No problem, it just meant I spent less time waiting for the train.

My total trip time was 43 minutes. Pretty sweet.

P.S. I am sad to see that the Assembly Square movie theater has closed. (see comments from yesterday's post). Back in the day, we used that marquee as an insight into how bad the traffic was on Route 93. If you saw traffic was backed up to the Loews' sign, you knew you were in for a looooooooooong battle to get into Boston.


Transportation of the People

Here it is: The first post of the new phase of the blog. After doing significant research on mbra.com, I was able to plot my new trip through Google Maps technology. I plugged in my starting point and end point and it brought back my route on a map along with transfer times and duration. Pretty sweet. This site has come a long way, baby.

The bus ride was ok. You really know you are with the people on the bus. Far away are my days of being part of the elite: single-occupancy car driving. This morning, I was sitting real close with friends and family of all walks of life...all bundled up.

Once I got on the Orange Line, I took another sear facing west where I saw many of the roads that were a part of my normal route plus, Winter Hill in Somerville, and the movie marquee for the Assembly Square Loews (which was blank...did it close?).

I got to the new job in plenty of time. I even got some coffee before I went in.

So, I will work on figuring out what the structure of each post will be. For the time being, enjoy these free-form posts. Thanks for following along.