Transportation of the People

Here it is: The first post of the new phase of the blog. After doing significant research on mbra.com, I was able to plot my new trip through Google Maps technology. I plugged in my starting point and end point and it brought back my route on a map along with transfer times and duration. Pretty sweet. This site has come a long way, baby.

The bus ride was ok. You really know you are with the people on the bus. Far away are my days of being part of the elite: single-occupancy car driving. This morning, I was sitting real close with friends and family of all walks of life...all bundled up.

Once I got on the Orange Line, I took another sear facing west where I saw many of the roads that were a part of my normal route plus, Winter Hill in Somerville, and the movie marquee for the Assembly Square Loews (which was blank...did it close?).

I got to the new job in plenty of time. I even got some coffee before I went in.

So, I will work on figuring out what the structure of each post will be. For the time being, enjoy these free-form posts. Thanks for following along.

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Ron Newman said...

the Assembly Square cinema closed permanently after the last shows on January 15.