Heading Update

Bus Departure Time: 7:07
Bus Arrival Time: 7:25
T Departure Time: 7:25
T Arrival Time: 7:45
Weather as I call it: Freaking cold but sunny...
Level of passenger rudeness(1-10): 1
Feared for my life: No


So, I finally figured out a few things to keep track of. Check it out. I am particularly tickled that the "Feared for my life" line item made it over to this new phase of the blog.

I missed my regular bus today. It came on time, surprise surprise. I heard it as I was walking out of my house. With my driveway still pretty icy, I decided not to run for it and that standing out in the cold was safer than slipping and breaking my skull.

I was pleasantly surprised surprised to see the 7:12 bus coming 'round the bend 5 minutes early. Sweeeeeeeeet A.

Once I got on the bus, everything was smooth. I think many people took today off to extend the 3 day weekend...for those of us who are lucky to have a 3 day weekend.

I saw a guy on the T eating a turkey sandwich on old school Wonder Bread with lots of mayo. He was chomping away at it for most of the trip...definitely a 30 chew before swallowing kind of person. I could see his jaw moving in the corner of my eye. It was quite remarkable.

Level of rudeness was low today, due to light crowds. I actually saw someone offer their seat to an older woman. She declined though...but that act of kindness lowered the score.

Let's celebrate the Presidents this weekend. Type to you Tuesday.

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