The Efficiency of the German Train System

Day two and my experience with the T has been favorable. My bus has been on time both days, although a little more crowded than yesterday. (I am thinking Super Bowl Sunday had something to do with the lack of peeps on the 7 o'clock bus...drinking and eating a lot at night tends to limit the number of early risers...we shall see next week...it may just be a Monday thing.)

Since there were more people on the bus, my trip took a little longer...which meant my arrival at the subway stop was a little later... No problem, it just meant I spent less time waiting for the train.

My total trip time was 43 minutes. Pretty sweet.

P.S. I am sad to see that the Assembly Square movie theater has closed. (see comments from yesterday's post). Back in the day, we used that marquee as an insight into how bad the traffic was on Route 93. If you saw traffic was backed up to the Loews' sign, you knew you were in for a looooooooooong battle to get into Boston.

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The Missus said...

Yes... Despite it's issues, Boston's public transit system ain't that bad. It's mucho better than driving a car. But I am biased. I hate cars.

Good for you for not driving to work. Commuting with the public is great fodder for writing.