Major Accident

Departure Time: 7:20
Arrival Time: I really don't remember
Weather as I call it: Cloudy, some light rain in spots, wet roads.
Paper Guy: No hat, shades, windbreaker
Shady Gas Price: $2.07
Yelled at other drivers: No
Feared for my life: YEP.


So it finally happened: I got into an accident.

Here's the scene: I was driving west down Soldier's Field road, right by the Harvard Square exit in the right lane. There was a blue Acura SUV who was tailgating me. He got behind me from the BU bridge and didn't let up until we went under N. Harvard St.

Once you get past that bridge, the road opens up to three lanes (my lane is now the middle lane). The blue Acura decides he is going to pass me on the right. As he passes me, he sees an accident in the process of being cleared up. This accident is blocking the right lane so he slams on his brakes. I am in the process of passing him when I am hit from behind. Although I didn't see him, there was a Jeep Liberty behind the Acura. He must have slammed on his brakes to avoid the blue Acura, and swerved into my lane.

The Jeep Liberty bumped me just enough to send my car spinning. I spun around until I was facing oncoming traffic. I am amazed I didn't hit anybody else or get hit again by somebody else.

I put my car in reverse and pulled over to get out of the way.

Everyone was ok. Both cars were drivable after the accident. Papers were exchanged...The state police officer on the scene of the first accident helped me to turn my car around.

Things could have been worse...a lot worse...but I am here...and I am typing about it.

Big wheel keep on turning.

Let's try to be more careful out there.

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Anonymous said...

I'm just happy you are ok.