Cruising With The Masters

Bus Departure Time: 6:57
Bus Arrival Time: 7:13
T Departure Time: 7:15
T Arrival Time: 7:40
Weather as I call it: Cloudy, no wind so it felt much warmer...
Level of passenger rudeness(1-10): 1 Things were quiet today
Feared for my life: No


This is the way it should be everyday...at least in the promptness of all transports.

There was no medical emergency or other assorted craziness...unless you count the old guy who stared at me for two stops.

I was happy to run off the train once I got to Back Bay station.

1 comment:

The Missus said...

Maybe he thought you were a "hottie?"

I wish old men stared at me. Lately it's just chicks in my yoga class.