First Week Done

So, I finished a week of 'commuting to work' (I leave the driving to the MBTA). I still don't have any regular landmarks or items to keep track of yet. It'll take time.

Some thoughts:

There is a 7-11 that the bus passed and it has a big sign advertising a new Energy Coffee. Does anyone need more of a pick-me-up from their coffee?

Since I am on the subject of coffee, I wanted to mention I have been drinking a lot of it this week. With it, I have had some coffee-driven ideas:

If word of mouth marketing is the most effective kind of marketing, then why doesn't traditional marketing incorporate a word of mouth feel?

The slogan I would use for my product would be: "We Think It's Pretty Good." or maybe "Dude, this is so great. You have to try it."

I should cut down on the coffee.

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