Big Puddles

Departure Time: 7:14
Arrival Time: 8:06
Weather as I call it: Rainy...wind swept rain
Paper Guy: Plastic bag over his papers. Running to avoid rain drops
Shady Gas Price: $2.09 (I actually didn't see it today. I had to pay attention to the road.
Yelled at other drivers: No
Feared for my life: No


I have to stop watching the morning news before I leave the house. The traffic guy on the screen told me that Soldier's Field Road was closed at N. Harvard St.

So, I took Memorial Drive instead (the calmer, more social sister of Storrow Drive) to avoid what I thought would be a major headache.

When I looked across the river, cars were motoring as fast as normal. I think they lied to me (and only me).

Wellup, I am off all next week for Thanksgiving and such. Have a good one. Let's give thanks for blogs, driving, cars, and the avoidance of phantom traffic.

I may post stuff during the week anyway...just cuz.

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