Nerves of Steel

Departure Time: 7:11
Arrival Time: 7:55
Weather as I call it: Filtered sunshine as they said on the news.
Paper Guy: Winter hat, shades, jacket. Man, I didn't think it was that cold this morning.
Shady Gas Price: $2.13 - Hanging with Mr. Cooper
Yelled at other drivers: No, but I wanted to.
Feared for my life: No


Allright. I had a tough time today.

1. There was some dude who was in a real rush today in my town. He was trying to pass me on a one lane road. When we arrived at a red light, he used the "right turn only" lane to pass me and a white school bus van. I kept my eye on him throughout my trip. For all of his speeding and iratic driving, I was constantly only two cars behind him. All that rushing for not much gain.

2. There were two Middlesex County Sherriff cars in East Cambridge that decided they wanted to be a caravan that could not be separated. I felt like I was close to being sideswiped. It looked like they were transporting somebody. The thing is, if they wanted to be official and break the rules of the road...they should have had their blue lights on....instead of muscling me out of merging into a lane.

3. Some aggressive drivers in pickup trucks on Storrow today. I saw many Ford emblems fixed upon large chrome grills in my rearview. When peeps tailgate, it doesn't make me want to go any faster....it makes me want to slam on my brakes.

You gotta be tough to keep your nerve in this place.

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