Burnt Peanut Butter

Weather as I call it: Mostly sunny and temps in the 50s
Paper Guy: Sweater. Big smile. Waving to the pick up truck in front of me
Shady Gas Price: $2.13
Yelled at other drivers: Ish
Feared for my life: No


When the light turns green, and the line of cars in front of you makes it through the intersection...don't hestitate. Don't slowly roll towards the line as if you are perambulating down some Vermont back road on some casual leaf peeping expedition.

Instead, trying gunning it.

I (and the guy in front of me) had to get ourselves around a small station wagon so we could make a light at Wellington Circle. We saw the green light was getting stale. We revved up our engines and passed her on the left as she rolled through the intersection. I think the light was still yellow when we passed her (at least that's the story I'm sticking to).

Let's try taking advantage of the opportunity green lights give us. The opportunity to GO!

As an aside, anybody else smell burnt peanut butter in East Cambridge today?

I did.

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