Mr. Creeps

Departure Time: 7:09
Arrival Time: 7:54
Weather as I call it: Clouds giving way to sunny skies...warmer...don't need the coat today.
Paper Guy: Overdressed
Shady Gas Price: $2.09
Yelled at other drivers: meh
Feared for my life: No


I hate people who swing to the right to take a left turn. Idiot truck guy had to pull a bold move to get into a Dunkie Donut parking lot...by slightly turning right before taking a hard left. Since he had his blinker on, I was trying to get around him on his right. So, his stutter step freaked me out a bit.

I said, "Whoa there, daddy-o, what are you doing?"

I need to go to AutoZone this afternoon during lunch to get a new brake light.

Mr. Creeps is all right (see comments from yesterday's post).

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