Cheap Coffee at Dunkin' Donuts

Departure Time: 7:15 (second attempt)
Arrival Time: 8:04
Weather as I call it: Partly sunny...warmer...63 degrees.
Paper Guy: No shades...and he was having trouble with the sun.
Shady Gas Price: $2.13 (I knew this would happen)
Yelled at other drivers: Yeah-ish
Feared for my life: A little bit.


Rough start today. My first departure time was 7:06. After bringing the trash to the curb, I got in the car and took off. I was well on my way to work when I realized I forgot my lunch. I prepared a turkey sandwich with some reduced fat mayo and a slice of Processed American Cheese food on some organic whole wheat bread last night. This sandwich looked so good, I dreamt about it. I was 3 blocks away from my house when it finally dawned on me that I was without my dreamy sandwich.

I was at a crossroads. Do I turn back? Do I continue to work and when lunchtime rolls around I will go and buy some crappy Chicken Frontega SANDWICH??!?

Well, you already know what I did. I am happy with my choice.

Some dude in a box truck had a hard time staying in his lane. He almost ran over me. I had to beep my horn. I feared for my life.

Right before I walked into work...I went to Dunkin' Donuts. Hey, a medium coffee is only $0.49 ($0.51 with tax) at the Dunk today. I waited in the longest line evah to get mine. Normal wait time at DD is about 15 seconds. I was in line for 2 minutes. Sheesh.

Peeps were buying coffees 10 at a time. Crazy Dunkies.

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