I Just Act 57 Years Old

Departure Time: 7;17
Arrival Time: 8:02
Weather as I call it: Pretty hot this morning...hazy
Paper Guy: Polo shirt today...
Shady Gas Price: $2.95
Yelled at other drivers: Ish
Feared for my life: No


I took the day off yesterday...but I am back today.

Pretty good drive today. I saw a few bold moves like the guy who used a left turn only lane to pass about four cars...Incredibly, he drove pretty normally afterward. Usually, if you pull a bold move like that you are announcing to the world that you are really in a hurry...and then you proceed to drive erratically towards your destination. I think this guy just had a momentary lapse of sensibility and then went back to a state of control.

Some clueless bunch of teens (I am such an old man) made me shout out a bit...it really wasn't a shout...it was at a normal conversation volume...but I did say to them, "What are you doing?" as they took a right turn with their left blinker on.

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