Friendly Service

I used a different toothpaste this morning. Did anyone notice a sparkle in my smile? No? Day 2 of my 4 day work week and it's been a good week so far. No weirdness on the roads. When the train stopped, the open door was right in front of where I was standing so I climbed right in. The walk to work was good. I got a coffee from the Friend Street Hostel's cafe. It was wonderful and the service was pretty friendly. Good times - celebrate them.


Departure Time From Home: 6:34
Departure Time From Train Station: 6:59
Arrival Time at North Station: 7:41
Weather as I call it: Sunny and not humid
Shady Gas Price: $3.35
Level of commute annoyance (scale of 1 to 10): 1
Feared for my life: No

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