Then I Will Be Silent Again

Four day work week that went by quick. Next week I will be out of the office for 4 days so I will have a one day work week coming up...sorta. This morning was surprise pass inspection day and the conductor told us we all passed with flying colors. I had my June pass ready. I felt prepared. The sun was shining and people were in good spirits today. At least from the chatter and the expressions I saw, it appeared that people were feeling happy. Well, I leave again for a while - but you take care of yourself. Avoid cars when you're walking the street, and avoid those people with clipboards. They want to steal your soul.


Departure Time From Home: 6:33
Departure Time From Train Station: 7:00
Arrival Time at North Station: 7:41
Weather as I call it: Sunny, 60s
Shady Gas Price: $3.57
Level of commute annoyance (scale of 1 to 10): 1
Feared for my life: No

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