Sliding Doors

Bus Departure Time: 6:58
Bus Arrival Time: 7:18
T Departure Time: 7:23
T Arrival Time: 7:52
Weather as I call it: Partly sunny. Around 40 degrees.
Level of commute annoyance (scale of 1 to 10): Meh.
Feared for my life: Not really


I had issues this morning. Both the bus and T were packed. Why did this happen? Were people getting going to work earlier today to be able to leave earlier? It doesn't make sense.

Since the Orange line was so packed, I got off at Downtown Crossing and walked up the underground tunnel to Park St. My thought was to take a Green Line train to Copley, which at this time in the morning is pretty empty.

When I got up the stairs, I saw a B Line train in the station and I stepped it up to try and get on before it left.

No dice. I was met with closing doors. It was timed perfectly...like I was the sad sack character in a film about commuting (A summer blockbuster, fo-ah sho-wah!)

I walked away in disgrace and waited for the next train. I should drive to work.


The Missus said...

Don't drive! I think you T commutes are way more entertaining than your driving commutes.

Public transportation is character-building.

Swaroop George said...

an absolutely brilliant blog...

keep up the good work...

but public transportation does not have privacy