Go Ahead - Take Your Time

Bus Departure Time: 7:02
Bus Arrival Time: 7:18
T Departure Time: 7:25
T Arrival Time: 7:49
Weather as I call it: Cold and cloudy
Level of passenger rudeness(1-10): 2
Feared for my life: No


The ol' MBTA was having a hard time getting back into the swing of the work week. My bus was late and it was just late enough to start interfering with the next bus' time frame. My bus is supposed to pick me up at 6:57. The next bus that come down the line stops at 7:05 (although according to mbta.com, it should be 7:02...so my bus was late..the next one was almost on time).

So, wha' happened? You have two buses driving down the street at the same time, which is weird, confusing, and redundant. I got on the first bus, because I thought that's what I should do although I knew the second one would have been less crowded. I stood up and I wish more people would follow the "stand as far back in the bus as you can" rule. When the bus is way crowded, the people getting on need as much room as they can get.

I got to the T stop and it was packed with people. The first train came at 7:22. I passed and waited for the next one (I was in the minority...most people got on that first one). Another one showed up at 7:25 and I was happy that the rest of the ride was comfortable...aside from the heavy smoker that sat beside me.

Well, I guess he was a heavy smoker...unless he is rolling around in tobacco at home?

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