Canada Can Keep Its Cold Air

Bus Departure Time: 7:07
Bus Arrival Time: 7:25
T Departure Time: 7:26
T Arrival Time: 7:49
Weather as I call it: 10 degrees and windy
Level of passenger rudeness(1-10): I wasn't paying attention
Feared for my life: No


Man, it was cold today...and the bus was late again. Plus, the tandem bus approach was in effect again today.

Two bus coming down the line at the same time...at least I got on the emptier bus this morning.

I think I may change the "Level of passenger rudeness" bullet to "Level of commuting annoyance". I think the peeps who ride the T during my hours are seasoned veterans and know how to ride together.

An annoyance level? Well now, that varies from day to day to day to day.


The Missus said...

It seems that on the coldest days (when I decide to take the 43 instead of walking to work)what happens to me is the first bus that comes along is "out of service." Then I have to stand outside and wait for the next one, which usually takes another 10 minutes.

The Missus said...

Oh.. Forgot to add... I just wanted to express my enthusiasm for you blaming Canada for the cold air. I blame them for everything.