Driving On in 2K7

Departure Time: 7:22
Arrival Time: 8:07
Weather as I call it: Clear and sunny...I am still wearing my Fall jacket.
Paper Guy: Winter hat and a smile
Shady Gas Price: $2.29
Yelled at other drivers: Yeah..but for a different reason
Feared for my life: No


There was a woman on Storrow Drive that wouldn't get out of the way for an emergency vehicle. An ambulance came right up behind her but she didn't budge...even though she had plenty of room to merge right.

The ambulance had its lights flashing and beeped at her a few times but to no avail.

I yelled, "What's wrong with this person?" Sometimes I wonder aloud.

So, here it is...the graph charting the Shady Gas Price since 9/16/2005:
Shady Gas Price Chart

Is it safe to say we are in for higher prices this spring/summer? Maybe 2007 will be different.

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