Tuesday October 4, 2005

Departure Time: 7:24
Arrival Time: 8:15
Weather as I call it: FOGGY...overcast skies
Paper Guy: No shades...but he did have his jacket on.
Shady Gas Price: Didn't see it.
Yelled at other drivers: Once-ish
Feared for my life: Nope

  • I shrugged my shoulders at one driver who pulled her SUV so far into my lane to make a left turn I could not pass. When I say I shrugged my sholders, I mean I did a full, palms up and out shrug so that she understood that I was confused by her action.
  • I have to congratulate the guy who was driving the 1992 Pontiac LeMans. Let me count the reasons why:
  1. His phone use caused him to drive about 22 miles per hour and weave in and out of lanes...
  2. Which caused me to be caught at a red light...
  3. Which caused me to look over at him (since I tried to pass him before the red light) and saw that he was using a car phone that Fred Flintstone might have used
  4. To top it off, his hood was smashed up a bit...so he has had his trouble.

God speed, fellow commuter!

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