Friday October 14, 2005

Departure Time: 7:39
Arrival Time: 8:38
Weather as I call it: I am officially depressed. Increasing more consistent rain the closer I got to work.
Paper Guy: Tan jacket...wild glasses...see details below.
Shady Gas Price: $2.57
Yelled at other drivers: I called some woman in a Jeep Liberty an 'idiot'.
Feared for my life: I hydroplaned a little on Soldier's Field Rd. and it got my heart rate up a bit.


Interesting report on Paper Guy today. So, as I approached his intersection...I could see someone in a Black Taurus was waving at him to call him over. Paper Guy seems to instantly recognize this person and starts hustling over to the car. There was a quick exchange of pleasantries....and then something odd happened. It looked to me that person in Taurus was trying to pay for his paper, but Paper Guy waved off his payment. Then, some awkward touching begins. I think Paper Guy wanted to hug this person, but physically couldn't get through the half-opened window to make a proper embrace. Paper Guy gave the person some hearty shoulder pats...and then the light turned green.

Later on, I passed this Taurus and noticed it was a guy behind the wheel. Surely, he's a fan of the blog and they were 'playing it up' for the report.

P.S. I hope I didn't get Paper Guy in trouble.


JB said...

I think your goal should also be to get on Paper Guy's "Freebie" list.

EnuhCorK said...

I think if I give Paper Guy a $50 bill during the holidays, I am on that list.