Monday October 3, 2005

Departure Time: 7:33 (late start Monday)
Arrival Time: 8:24 (Everyone else did too.)
Weather as I call it: Fair skies...60's
Paper Guy: Wearing a beige Members Only type jacket. Shades--On!
Shady Gas Price: $2.75
Yelled at other drivers:
Feared for my life: not today


Who is the Paper Guy? He's just a guy who is trying to do the best he can everyday. For the purposes of this blog, he is my independent weather indicator. Unlike my pampered, cube dwelling butt, this guy has to work outside for a living. He sells newspapers to the waiting drivers sitting at the red light. He walks up and down the line of cars looking for those who want to enrich their lives with one or both of Boston's major dailies...and God bless him, he always makes sales quickly and never holds up traffic. Ride on, Paper guy. Soon, your heavy snow gear will make the report, unfortunately....

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