Tuesday October 18, 2005

Departure Time: 7:28
Arrival Time: 8:24
Weather as I call it: Mostly cloudy...some rain...around 50 degrees.
Paper Guy: Same outfit as yesterday. Same exact outfit as yesterday.
Shady Gas Price: $2.53
Yelled at other drivers: I did smirk at one lady who was trying to pull in front of me from a parallel parked position
Feared for my life: Not today.


Please forgive me, ma'am. Yes, I did cut you off as the lanes merged from two to one. Yes, I did look in my side view mirror a little too late to see you there. Yes, I did deserve the little 'toot' from your little Toyota's horn. I do apologize. I hope you noticed my head hang in shame as I put up my left hand to communicate my acknowledgement of the mistake I made.

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