When the Rain Comes....

Departure Time: 7:15
Arrival Time: 8:05
Weather as I call it: Rain...heavy at times
Paper Guy: He has his umbrella...and his hat back on his head.
Shady Gas Price: $2.49...but the station down the street had it at $2.59
Yelled at other drivers: Once, but I will explain.
Feared for my life: Twice.


I think we all know by now that rain lengthens my commute. I wish it had snowed more this winter (not really) because I would have been able to compare rain traffic with snow traffic...since I do believe that peeps drive better in snow than rain.

The crawl to Storrow Drive was puddle-ridden...and getting wetter as time went on...not from the rain falling down...but from another source...

There was this guy...in a green Chevy Cavalier...opening his door and spitting on the ground...every light cycle when we were stopped, he would open his door and spit...and spit...and spit....and spit...It didn't make the bagel I ate for breakfast feel all that good in my stomach...


As for the fear or in this case fears...I hydroplaned a little bit and then I didn't see a red Prelude when I was trying to change lanes...thankfully, I stopped myself before I hit him...but the heartrate jumped to 147 BPMs...(that's an estimate).

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