Frustration Times Three

Departure Time: 7:18
Arrival Time: 8:14
Weather as I call it: Sunny and warmer
Paper Guy: Still winter for Paper Guy
Shady Gas Price: $2.63...wah.
Yelled at other drivers: yeah
Feared for my life: Nope


Where do I start? So much to talk about.

1. Lots of bikes out today...with talk of gas prices rising to 4 dollars a gallon this summer, I might be biking to work soon...(Note to self: lock down bikingtowork.blogspot.com domain)

2. It was a bear to get on to Storrow Drive today. I originally blamed it on pedestrians since there is a crosswalk right before the ramp. (Of course, this was my theory before I knew what was happening further along Storrow......wait for it....wait for it)....Hey peeps, when the light is green, you gotta go. To my fellow commuters on foot...when the light is green...please patiently wait until the walk signal tells you it is safe to cross. Believe me, there will be pull-lenty of time to cross the street.

So, after sitting in the line of cars to get onto Storrow for over 10 minutes, I yelled out "COME ON!"...and then beeped my horn at the dude up front when the light turned green.

3. Somebody has replaced the "Reverse Curve" sign with a small replica...This green sign is probably one tenth the size of the original sign...it is hanging down from the Longfellow bridge on small chains...it's painted green and has two phrases on it

"Reverse Curve"
"Reversed Curse"

Sweet A. I hope the Mass. Highway Dept. lets it stay up.

4. The real source of everybody's Storrow Drive issues was of course an 18 wheeler that was stuck underneath a foot bridge that had a height of 12 feet. Remember, Storrow Drive is for pleasure vehicles only....

Here's a photo of the old sign...the day they took it down...If they take down this new sign, it won't be a photo op.

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