Storrow Drive Improvement Study

Departure Time: 7:29 --> Late start
Arrival Time: 8:22
Weather as I call it: Sunny and agreeable...yes, I typed agreeable
Paper Guy: Wearing a black McDonalds windbreaker...which is so IN this spring
Shady Gas Price: $2.89
Yelled at other drivers: Yes
Feared for my life: Yes


You can see that if I leave 10 minutes later, it adds 10 minutes to my trip duration. I think a pre-7:20 departure time is the sweet spot.

Big News: As I was driving by the Museum of Science, I saw a sign that stated something to the effect of: Storrow Drive survey -- please take one...

There were two guys handing out surveys to gather information for the upcoming repair on the Storrow Drive tunnel.

I rolled down my window and gladly took one. If I mail it back with a valid return address, I have a chance to win box seats to a Sox game. Cool.

They were also handing them out at the intersection near the Eliot Bridge. The two guys at this location seemed to be having a bit of trouble just getting peeps to roll down their windows while they were stopped at the red light....When one of the guys started to come towards my car, I held my survey up and smiled. He gave me a thumbs up and walked to the next car.

I swear I saw some dude eating cereal out of a bowl while driving this morning. I may be seeing things.

Also, some station wagon decided to try to exit right from the left lane while I was driving alongside him...I blared my horn at him and called him an idiot.

He almost caused another accident with some other car...I saw the tire smoke in my rearview.

Guy, put down the survey and drive.

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