How's your Patriot's Day?

Departure Time: 7:17
Arrival Time: 7:48
Weather as I call it: Mostly Cloudy
Paper Guy: I think I saw him wearing a crimson winter hat...as I zoomed by!
Shady Gas Price: $2.67
Yelled at other drivers: Yes
Feared for my life: No


So, if you are driving a school bus to help runners get to the Boston Marathon's start in Hopkinton...then you can cut in front of traffic to pull into the Museum Of Science parking lot. OH! OK...NOW I get it....I didn't know that before today.

The worst thing that happened was the person who was driving the truck for the radio station WFNX who cut me off on Storrow. There was a maintenance truck stopped in the right most lane...with his hazards on So, as I was merging onto Storrow, I saw this truck ahead of me and I tried to merge over one lane....I saw that everyone else was following the "one car after another" rule...very harmonious...Well, when it came my turn to merge....'FNX truck wouldn't let me in...and cut me off. I yelled out something not nice...

When I got into work, I used their site's feedback link and sent them this message.

"I don't know who was driving the FNX truck around 7:30 this morning, but that person cut me off on Storrow Drive. It doesn't make a good case to tune in when your moving billboard is causing near accidents during the morning rush. Please let the person know that they should be a little more considerate on the roadways, especially when driving a vehicle that is promoting the station."

It was probably some intern...or even worse... Stephen Mindich driving to the Phoenix offices near Fenway.

Hey next time, be nice...

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