Tuesday January 31, 2006

Departure Time: 7:16
Arrival Time: 7:58
Weather as I call it: Overcast, misty but 42 degrees
Paper Guy: Brown hat on today...started to walk into the street to make a sale.
Shady Gas Price: $2.29 <-- Wow.
Yelled at other drivers: No
Feared for my life: Not today


Here's the sitch: I forgot to add this to yesterday's post. Two people cut in front of me yesterday...did I react appropriately? Absolutely. I didn't flip off anybody. You let it happen unless they really do something ridiculous.

....which leads me to my next point...I love people don't exactly stop when they come to a 3 way intersection where they have to turn left. They sorta ease their way into traffic and then they expect you to let them in...Strange, courageous stuff.

I saw the temp. on a spinning bank sign today...the same that was displaying the temperature as extremely hot a while back...looks like they fixed it.

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