Tuesday January 3, 2006

Departure Time: 7:32
Arrival Time: 8:18
Weather as I call it: Rainy and dreary...It was supposed to snow.
Paper Guy: Looking really sad with his black raincoat and a plastic bag over his newspapers. No shades today.
Shady Gas Price: $2.21
Yelled at other drivers: A few times
Feared for my life: A little bit


I think people were still drunk this morning.

  • Two, count 'em, two people decided at the last moment that they had to exit from the left lane. When you are travelling down a three lane road in the middle lane, this sitch can be an ish. (sitch = situation...ish=issue). Twice I had to stare at peeps trying to cross two lanes to exit Soldier's Field Road. Wha' happened? Did you two forget where you were going this morning....?
  • I had to yell at somebody pulling a u-ey (is that how you spell it?) where they shouldn't have.

Anyway, a good start to the year/month/week/day....

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