Thursday January 26, 2006

Departure Time: 7:25
Arrival Time: 8:13
Weather as I call it: Unsettled weather...I think it snowed a little last night.
Paper Guy: Shades. Winter coat. Doing the backwards walk.
Shady Gas Price: $2:31
Yelled at other drivers: Nope.
Feared for my life: A little bit...


Got my car back...after paying 800+ bucks. Let's see what my warranty will cover...not all of it I am sure...

The one thing that was scary on the way to work was the van that decided to take a right onto the esplande right around the hatch shell...

I mean, that doesn't happen every day...and it's not cool that the dude in front of you has to slam on his brakes to accomodate....made my heart rate bounce up a bit.

I fixed my table that I put in yesterday's post...now you don't have to scroll to see my reviews.

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