Snow Fell At Quite A Clip

I was up at 2 AM and there was no snow. When my alarm went off at 5 AM, it was snowing and it was coming down quickly. The the robocall came in - no school. I shoveled but it was futile. The snow was coming down at quite a clip. Once I was done, it was covered again. I left the house a little later than I wanted to leave and it made me miss the 6:26 train. I waited around for the next one...which is the one I usually take. It came on time. Boston was a winter wonderland...at least twitter and instagram told me it was.


Departure Time From Home: 6:08
Departure Time From Train Station: 7:00
Arrival Time at North Station: 7:41
Weather as I call it: Snow
Shady Gas Price: $3.39
Level of commute annoyance (scale of 1 to 10): 4
Feared for my life: Tires slipped a little bit

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