Weather Changes Moods

I swear to you...I saw people smiling on the T this morning...no really...people were smiling.

People got on the bus and were smiling.

I saw a woman who usually rudely pushes her way to get a seat...say "excuse me" and "thank you".

I saw another woman making happy faces at a baby on the Orange Line.

Promises of 70 degree weather will do that to people.

--Note to Readers: I will be breaking format a bit tomorrow. I have had this story built up for a while, but I haven't had the time to type it up. Readers who remember when I actually drove to work will get a kick out of tomorrow's post.

Here's a sneak peak: The story revolves around the guy who is pictured in this post.


Bus Departure Time: 6:59
Bus Arrival Time: 7:15
T Departure Time: 7:17
T Arrival Time: 7:38
Weather as I call it: Sunny and mild. Happy people!!
Level of commute annoyance (scale of 1 to 10): 1
Feared for my life:

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