Soy Amada

Bus Departure Time: 7:02
Bus Arrival Time: 7:15
T Departure Time: 7:18
T Arrival Time: 7:39
Weather as I call it: Sunny and 60s
Level of commute annoyance (scale of 1 to 10): 2
Feared for my life: No


It appeared that we were not going to be saved this week. It appeared that we were still on the summer schedule and we were going to be dealing with the same "too many people, too little space" we encountered last week.

As the bus turned the corner in the distance, my spirits sank. It was late and it looked to be alone.

Then suddenly, the lights of another bus turned the corner right behind it. All was not lost. We are back on the fall schedule!

I got on the bus and took a seat. The driver was new and was determined to get us to the T station as fast as possible.

There was a woman on the bus that had a button that read, "Soy Amada"...I guess we all felt loved today. (It means: "I am loved.")


Kane said...

I just came across a little red button that says, "soy amada". I got it while geocaching in Michigan. I didn't know what it meant until I googled it and found your blog. I had to post to you because my friend Jason just started a blog and it looks very much like yours. I'm curious about your level of annoyance scale. From 1 to 10 is 1 the most annoyed you can be? I like the scale though and your overall rating of the day.

EnuhCorK said...

Thanks Kane.

10 is the most annoyed I can be. Most days are fine. Some days aren't.