Red Light, Green Light

Departure Time: 7:22
Arrival Time: 8:09
Weather as I call it: Rainy
Paper Guy: The knitted winter hat serves as his rain guard
Shady Gas Price: $2.95
Yelled at other drivers: Yeah
Feared for my life: Nope



So there was this guy who decided to SLOW DOWN at an intersection while the light was still green...yes, it was about to turn yellow...but there was PLENTY of time for both of us to get through...Plenty.

I just happened to be right behind him as we travelled through two other intersections...no problems...

At the third one, this dude proceeds to blow through a red light and as I was stopped, I saw him blow through another one....

Did he have something against me? Did he want to first slow me down and then bolt as fast as he could to get away from me?


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